Monday, April 27, 2015

Retro 2015-16:Napoleons failures during Saturn Retrograde

Dear friends, I have kept on repeatedly repeating that annual Saturn Retrograde of 4.5 months is great period for Sun/ Mars/ Ketu ruled people and a period of regression for those Saturn ruled. Today I want to illustrate a widely discussed astrological case study to express about Saturn Retrograde. It's a normal practice of astrologers to discuss about planetary effects of the famous historical events, and turning points of human history. And one of the most famous cases is indeed about the two landmark defeats of Napoleon during Russian invasion and in the Battle of Waterloo. Today I offer you my own perspectives and diagrammatic representation of this historical case study. Especially from the viewpoint of Saturn Retrograde, 1812 and 1815. Check the two above charts for reference.

Even though in western astrology, Napoleon's birth-chart is given as Libra Ascendant, with Saturn in 10th house, from our Vedic astrological perspective he is Virgo ascendant with Saturn in the 11th house of karmic credits/ blessings. 11th house is the best place for any planet to be!! (Click link: astrosage: horoscope of napoleon-bonaparte). Like my astro guru the late T.N Sarma used to cite, Napoelon was indeed a very, very, Saturnine person. Especially with the two Rajasic planets of Sun, Mars in his 12th house of karmic debts. (I, who am maintaining this Saturn blog for years have my Sun in the 12th house too!). 

But as we see, in Chart 1, above, showing graph of Saturn Retrograde 1812, he began his long build up and final launch of Russian invasion on 24 jun 1812, when Saturn was still in the yellow/ 3rd gear phase. If he had just postponed the long awaited invasion by 1st of July, ebbing retro of one month, he would have had battery backup throughout the entire month of July!! But then he had still to cross the red/ danger period of ultra retro from 1st Aug to 21st Aug. The best period for his long invasion would have been after 21st Aug onwards..

In Chart 2, above, showing graph of Saturn Retrograde 1815, it shows his battle of waterloo smack in the middle of the orange phase/ 2nd gear of Saturn retrograde. even though his mistake of Russian Invasion was off by few days, his Waterloo Battle was directly in the middle of his worst annual period of Saturn retrograde. By the time, the planets turned better from 7th Aug, too much had already gone by. 

My astro guide T.N Sarma used to say that Saturn/ Shanidev showed a dream to Napoleon not to commence his invasion on his planned dates, but he had ignored it. And for someone like napoleon, with Saturn in the 11th house, definitely it played a significant and important role. He should have completely handed over the charge temporarily to a Sun, Mars, Ketu ruled person. Anyways, I couldn't have compiled such a loaded, layered, historical compilation, in any other period than Saturn Retrograde. With tribute to my astro guide who taught me all my invaluable insights on Saturn Retrograde, the astrological genius T.N. Sarma, who passed away on 14th April, 2009, at the peak of Saturn Retro, 2009. With tribute and gratitude.

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