Friday, April 10, 2015

Retro 2015-11:Retro phase 2

Dear friends, after the climactic and high voltage three weeks described in the previous post, we now move into Saturn Retrograde's Phase 2/ 2nd Gear/ Orange (check diagram above). It's like 2nd gear in a car's engine, after the rupturous period of combustion that happens in a engines during it's 1st Gear, we move into gear/ phase of lesser sparks and fires. During this 2nd gear phase, lasting throughoutthe burning, spark/ combustion is more converted into momentum. So with Saturn retrograde, this Rajasic month of April is ideal for all Sun/ Mars/ Ketu ruled people to actually begin progress, forward movement of some kind.
For Saturn ruled people: This period is to actively initiate review, and reexamination of their life structures. Reevaluate and reexamine their life paths, purposes, journeys. Time to chew the cud, mull and ponder over things in depth. And maybe look over long pending issues. An ideal time to delve into past life karmic connections and debts. Engage in past regression, reviewing long repeating life patterns in their lives. Every day in April for the Saturn ruled is a time to connect and reestablish issues from the past. Put their energy into processing bygone/ pending issues.
In previous years I have written in detail about Gravitas and Supergo for Saturn ruled people. Gravitas or heaviness is mandatory to be experienced by the Saturn ruled during this period, as this involves a deep induction of potential energy into the nervous system, personal energy aura. Highly reminds of the Kenji Mizoguchi film The_47_Ronin_(1941_film) which I saw in one of Osians film festival's special Mizoguchi revivals. The movie is based on the Japanese historical story of  the Loyal Forty Seven Ronin.  The entire movie showed out of commission Ronin soldiers in exile/ waiting/ out of structure, wandering. soldiers waiting to move into action when (ever) their time came. They spent time drinking, wasting, almost decaying. But they are always called the Loyal 47 Ronin, because they stuck to the programme, stuck to Saturnine energies. and finally, when the time came Saturn delivered the due harvests! An experience that is very analogous to  the Saturnine experience of this period.

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A subject which is completely out of my bounds but nevertheless interesting. Especially because you write well. Bookmarking it. Cheers! :)