Sunday, April 19, 2015

Retro 2015-14:Dazzling Solar Talents

Today, in my 14th post on saturn Retrograde 2015, I will take a welcom break from astro theory and avail the opportunity to share the dazzling shine of some of the Sun, Mars, Ketu, Agni ruled people during this period that I'm fortunate enough to know. As I said this period is especially great for such people. Especially in terms of breakthrough, illumination, dazzle, shine, flame on, and sizzling spontaneous combustion...

First is the song/ video of my friend Lueit Parasar Hazarika based on the traffic police who serve us through rain and sun. Finally he's uploaded a complete video of his first song, especially a melody which would help the Assamese audience to connect in a heartfelt way, that runs through the blood and tears of the common man. I have enjoyed his songs and worked with him for long. But right timing for such a rupture
The next is a dark jazz verison of Nirvana's song Come As You Are by my favourite jazz singer and a friend Vasundhara Vee, who's quite popular in both Delhi, and abroad for her mellifluous numbers. In fact everyone knows Vasundhara, but THIS song oozing with oomph and sensuality and amazing jazz music, at this time should propel her to the next level that she desrves. I have only worked with her on a single ad, which never got aired. She was her ususal, comical, casual self, as always with me. But this song is sizzling.. Shine on!!

The next is a dazzling cover of my ever favourite guitar performance, a piece that I often share with most people Emotive Ballad; by Jess Lewis. What a surprise to find, one budding young guitarist Shrikant Biswakarma I know to have done his own version of it. What maturity and economy in such an unexpected young age! But only five likes on his facebook page. He definitely has young, tasteless, item song loving friends on facebook. Shine on boy, for your notes are the stuff dreams are made of...

And then, one of Sangeeta's friends Mani Padma suddenly posts a ballad on facebook The Whore Of Belisk: a ballad by Mani Padma which was awesome as I didnt even realise that such a style existed in this modern day and age! What style, eloquence, language, and phrasing. Strange is that Vasundhara writes great ballads, but she's too shy to share. Aewsoem dazzling talents of Sun, Mars, Ketu, Agni, Shakti in this Orange period of saturn Retrograde!! Cheers!

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